Taste Of Sound

Performance, 60 min.
Part of KunstFest, Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv - Trondheim, 2023

Collaboration between BUTCHER & CORREIA (visuals), Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (sound), and Martin Mosti (palate), where they delve into the realm of multi-sensory experiences.

Layers of plasticity: elements such as background music, tableware, packaging design, lighting hues, and even menu item names have been recognized as significant factors that shape our perception of taste.

"Taste of Sound" explores the possibilities of multisensory input while investigating how the activation of multiple sensory impressions simultaneously can provide new and curious personal imagery. The performance interweaves sound, flavor, and visual impressions. Through manipulation of these elements, our gestures aim to challenge your sense of flavor, unveil novel and unexpected soundscapes, and challenge conventional taste perceptions by altering the visual presentation of food. This event serves as a scaled-down preview of our comprehensive showcase scheduled for 2024.

Concept: Katherine Butcher and Klaus Ellerhusen Holm
Visuals & Choreography: BUTCHER & CORREIA
Sound: Klaus Ellerhusen Holm and Andreas Røysum
Food: Martin Moen Mosti and Even Østby

Event supported by:

Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv - KunstFest,
Norsk jazzforum
Norsk Komponistforening


Performance, anemometer, support jacks, lifting straps, construction helmets, reflective vests, and HOEFLON C10 crane. Variable dimensions.

Performance Vista is a pleasing sight between a long narrow row of trees; a succession of anticipated events, a vision, a view of a series of actions in the mind, a performance vista played out, unfolding retrospectively and prospectively.

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